TelePLus GSM Company Limited  is a distributor of professionally refurbished cell phones, high-quality pre-owned cell phones, and a wide variety of cell phone batteries and accessories.

We take pride in our reputation as a world-wide leader in device distribution, and return the loyalty to our wholesale customers by providing the customer service they deserve and a big dose of loyalty of our own.

After get order from you we start arrange used or 14 Days Mobiles after make test completely cleared phones make packing it  took 2 or 3 Days if refurbished took 5 days because after refurbished test took time then delivered from shenzhen cargo agency they delivery DHL in Hong Kong from to destination. 

Ready stock before arranged them shipped Dubai free zone keeping

Payment Terms:

  1. we accept new payment terms trade trust you can make payment to after we received goods Release Money
  2. you pay money union logistics in Dubai
  3. Bank Transfer TT 100% in advance or if big order 30% in advance 70% after inspections
  4. you can our china bank account in RMB bank of communications






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