A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

The Refurbished Like new Phone unlocked mostly us spec original Board never repaired, In box sealed like new with original LCD Phone are original never change parts of the phones.

When u make order preparation time 5 days to 10 days, after ready to ship goods you will receive tracking number online. When you create order from website we will send you invoice after we receive your payment we will start to arrange your order, all orders Pre-order, it will be ready in Hong Kong shipping fee you can see online check out you can choose which is suitable rate for you.

Phone are tested all are fully functional.

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  • iPhone 7 Plus A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 422.00
  • iPhone 8 A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 445.00
  • iPhone 7 A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 327.00
  • iPhone 6+ A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 255.00
  • iPhone 5S A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 128.00
  • IPHONE 6S+ A+ Refurbihsed Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 345.00
  • iPhone 6S A+ Refurbihsed Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 227.00
  • iPhone 6 A+ Refurbished Full Kit (FK)

    US$ 201.00

8 Item(s)

per page

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