The Company began in March 2015 and the Principal Business Activity is the RETAIL AND WHOLESALE SALE OF THE MOBILE PHONE EQUIPMENT USED.

Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, while the company maintains three commercial premises in the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium. Our company is a distributor of mobile phones in Europe market, we have established perfect quality control system for the proper monitoring process.

The commercial activity is the main driving force of our company, it is linked to all other activities carried out.

Emphasizing the beginnings of its activities were the retail and wholesale sales of mobile phones in the Middle East in 2001, acquiring the experience necessary to progress and grow professionally for the benefit of the customers offering our services; Subsequently, the acquisition of experience in the commercial branch was carried out in Shenzhen, China in 2014, where it was a main platform for sustainable business knowledge, with Hong Kong currently the company headquarters as described above.

Oriented towards the European market and its neighbors, we have used determination, dedication and perseverance to distinguish us from our competitors. As our customer base has grown, so has our portfolio. Although Teleplus GSM Co. Limited has grown over the years, we have maintained our most important priority, which is to always put our customers first. With an experienced group of professionals, we are always able to serve our customers in a pleasant and efficient manner.

It seems clear that the majority of companies from all sectors (not only online sales) will need to quickly adapt Marketing, sales and after-sales care to meet new market demands, because existing and potential customers will wish to use their computers and mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Mobiles, etc.) to interact online.

Therefore, it is of vital importance, since it is necessary to adapt immediately to the needs of the market. Although this has always been the case, the arrival of the Internet has changed everything. Today, a large part of the market is on the Internet. With a clear vision, we have successfully thrived in a competitive and volatile market for almost two decades.



  • Askim Kosmetik Co Limited. Between 1996-2001 
  • Orangenc Telekom Co Limited between 2001-2006 50% 
  • TBK Electronics Co Limited between 2006-2015 
  • TeLePLuscom GMBH Germany Hamburg between 2001-2006
  • Aktaylar elektronik Limited Company between 2006-2011
  • TBK Mobile electronik Limited company 2009-2010
  • TeLePLus Co Limited in Shenzhen China 2014-2016
  • TeLePlus GSM USA LLA start 2015
  • TeLePLus GMS Co Limited Hong Kong stat 2015
  • TeLePLus GMS BVBA Belgium start 2017
  • TeLePlus GMS Retail BV start 2018

TeLePLus GSM Co,. LTD.

Address: RM 7 BLK 1 05/F METRO CENTER 



Office: +852 27280047
Mobile: +852 54990047


Yusuf Kenan Aktay
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