1 Month TeLePlus Warranty 

All items under TeLePlus Warranty and 1 Month Exchange or Credit.

Wharehouse Locations

TeLePLus Supplying Goods from 3 Locations United State, Hong Kong and Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Bulk Order 

if you like make bulk order, you can order Directly from TeLePlus United State or Hong Kong just WhatsApp asking price and terms +85254990047

if you like order from Europe Please WhatsApp Number: +31630097645

Brand New products

14 Days used Stock with Apple Warranty (14)

14 Days used Stock with Apple Warranty (14)

14 Days used Stock HSO  We mean the 14-day device, the Apple... 

Swap Brand New HSO (SW)

Swap Stocks HSO  Apple gives a new phone instead of those whose... 

  • Used, Refurbished and Accessories 

    TeLePLus Deal used, Refurbished Mobile Phones and OEM, Original Accessories 

  • Sample Order

    From Netherlands MOQ 5 pcs, Hong Kong MOQ 10 pcs and from USA MOQ 50 pcs

  • Transportation Damage  

    TeLePlus not Responsible any loss or damage from cargo  

  • We are R2 certified company

    R2 Certified

    TeLePLus with R2 Certified Responsible Refurbished and used Phones