Collection: C Grade Used HSO (C)

C Grade used HSO 

Our products in this group are generally defective ones, but their faults are not very large, generally minor faults, faults that can be resolved.

there may be light or deep scratches on the screen and small cracks in the corners of the summer screen.

there may be physiques on the back cover, there may be deep or fine scratches, slight dents on the back cover.

These products are our products that did not pass the function test.

general malfunctions occur in the earphone microphone vibration or buttons, some of them come touch problems.

A small percentage amount also has a problem with Face ID.

the device is 100% sim free no any iCloud locks none of the major problem locks.

I would especially like to point out that no prior intervention has been made to the devices.

there is no work done to open and repair the device in any way.

We usually repair these products ourselves and sell them to the market, but if you have a request, you can even tell us which model you are requesting. Are they ourselves? We can always sell them to you.