Collection: B Grade Used HSO (B)

B grade devices are fully functional. They may appear flawless at first glance. Hand set only.

They may either have several faint, small scratches or a few longer, faint scratches on the screen. They may have light scuffs on their housing.

They may have small dings, blemishes, and / or nicks which are often found near ports, corners or edges.

A small percentage may have one slightly more pronounced imperfection. 

In a very small percentage, there may be very small round dots on the screen and camera, so we do not accept returns.

In a very small percentage, the Battery may have a low Level. Therefore, we do not accept returns.

We test all our devices in the test program and we stick the label indicating the test result on the phone and you can see what is being tested on the label.

a small percentage of the end user may have changed the LCD.